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Dependable and Reliable Electrical Wiring Services in Southbury CT | Ferrer’s Electric

Our professional and dependable team of licensed and insured electricians at Ferrer’s Electric understands that not every project is the same. We take each project into careful consideration to provide safe and reliable services to both homes and businesses. Electrical wiring installation in can be harmful and dangerous when attempted without the proper training. Ferrer’s Electric is your electrical wiring contractor of choice, servicing Southbury CT and the surrounding areas. Our solid work and exceptional reputation for customer service and satisfaction is the reason why our customers choose to contact us first when they have an electric problem.

When it comes to installing outlets, upgrading panels, lighting installations and even more projects that would require rewiring and new wiring, the team at Ferrer’s Electric delivers exceptional customer service. As your preferred Southbury wiring contractor, we can determine if your home is equipped to handle your new project, offer professional insight, and establish new wiring and panel upgrades if your home or business requires it. Contact us ASAP for your quote regarding electric wiring installation projects.

Projects can range from indoor to outdoor, residential and commercial. Our knowledge base and expert training has lead Ferrer’s Electric to be the premiere electrical wiring contractor in the Southbury Connecticut. We work with our customers one on one to understand what their needs exactly are. Homeowners understand their home better and with our assistance, their home is even more safe for them and their families. Homes may have outdated wiring and panels. Aluminum wiring used in the past can be harmful for today’s appliances. When it comes to choosing electric wiring contractors in western CT, Ferrer’s Electric will be the first team you call.

Ferrer’s Electric | Offering Electrical Services to  Homes and Businesses In Southbury CT, as well as Middlebury, Newtown, Brookfield, Woodbury CT and Beyond

Business owners, or those seeking larger projects at the commercial level, want an electrical wiring contractor they can trust. We understand that failure to deliver can mean a large loss for your business. Our wiring services provide your business with a better foundation to grow and expand. We look forward to partnering with you and are committed to providing exceptional dedication and customer satisfaction.

If you have a project that you are ready to see unfold or are uncertain if your home is equipped to handle the changes ahead, contact Ferrer’s Electric LLC. We are ready to answer your electrical wiring questions and are determined to provide you, your home, and your business with safe and reliable services.

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